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UX Checklist

Get organized and boost up your workflow

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UX Checklist

Get organized and boost up your workflow


  • See how others solve similar problems and try to not reinvent the wheel.

  • Do you have all the useful data you need? Try to have a look at funnels, clicks, page views, performances...

  • Always speak with Customer Care team! Don't have one? Check your old surveys or videos, what your customer says? What do they actually do?


  • Have you done personas yet? If not DO IT NOW. Ok, now use them to write down user stories and scenarios.

  • Create your user's flow based on the scenarios you created, you can use it later to review the journey and create wireframes on top of each step.

  • Define red routes for your product and you’ll be able to identify, prioritise and eliminate any usability obstacles on key user journeys.


  • Find a war room, fill it with markers and drinks, get together and sketch, discuss, vote, disrupt, have fun!

  • Add some details and structure to your ideas, reuse patterns and create pages on top of your user flows so you'll not leave anything behind.

  • You can start creating paper prototypes and continuously iterate to more functional ones. Use sketches, HTML pages or static images, then just get some people and test.

Best practices

  • Help the planet by reducing the resources you use, reinforce greener behaviours and promote sustainability best practices. Yes, your product can do that!

  • Move fast and break things! What about slow down and make sure your product is secure, private, honest? Be considerate when you design and follow good ethics.

  • Remember that everything you design is skewed by your own view and background. Be sure to open your design process to remove your biases and design for everyone.


  • Reuse elements and patterns. Follow your style guidelines. Don't have any? Create your guidelines. Start small, then create pages.

  • So you have a swipe slider? Tell me more about pinch, drag, zoom, rotate, shake, six-inch smartphones, left-handed people, mouseover, kinect, motion detection...

  • Can I see it on my mobile? Oh wait, what about my smart-watch which works as a remote for my 50" TV. Bonus: remember cross device experience.


  • If your users have to wait ages for the page to load, at least show them a loader. If take longer why don't you try something more entertaining?

  • Be clear and specific on what and where user's error is. I mean, your error, because if it's your fault you should say it.

  • Give immediate and clear feedback of successful user's actions. Do not always wait for server response, trust your server once in a while!


  • It's time to let your design shine, make it in the right way, don't stop with the first solution, always ask "is this the best you can do?"

  • Use of icons and images is strongly influenced by context, culture and layout that you use. Like icons, test your images, small changes can bring huge improvements.

  • Use colours and font sizes properly, try to follow your guidelines and keep it simple. The best visual hierarchies lead users to take the action confidently.


  • Every word is important, and a bit of personality will help your brand.

  • Trigger, rules, feedback, loop. Details make the product. Bonus: Ever heard about easter eggs?

  • Motion shouldn't be only beautiful, it should build meaning about the spatial relationships, functionality, and intention of the system.


  • What you want to achieve? What are your goals? Write down how you define success and failure and check if you have everything you need to collect the data.

  • Plan your AB test ahead and, if you can, plan a short roadmap of improvements. Your goal is not just improving KPIs, but learning something.

  • UX lab, survey, sessions recording... test, observe and fix, test, observe and fix...